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Los artículos más recientes del mundo del desarrollo Web: Drupal.org, Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions, Web Designer Depot, Web Designer Ledger, etc.

Miércoles 26 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 06:05 am
While Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) were first introduced in the late 90s, they have seen a massive resurgence in popularity in the last decade due to their extreme flexibility, high fidelity, and relative lightness in a world where bandwidth and performance matter more than ever. Advancements in...

Lunes 24 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 04:05 am
When we write media queries for a UI element, we always describe how that element is styled depending on the screen dimensions. This approach works well when the responsiveness of the target element media query should only depend on viewport size. Let’s take a look at the following responsive page...

Viernes 21 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 04:05 am
In recent years, the field of Content Creation and Representation on Digital platforms has seen a massive disruption. The widespread success of products like Quip, Google Docs and Dropbox Paper has shown how companies are racing to build the best experience for content creators in the enterprise...

Jueves 20 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 07:05 am
How do we build and establish a successful design system? What about modern CSS and JavaScript? What’s the state of HTML Email? And what are new, smart design patterns we could use? What will it take us to move to TypeScript or Vue.js? With our online workshops, we try to answer these questions...
Smashing Magazine - 04:05 am
“Authentication” is the action of validating that a user is who he or she claims to be. We usually do this by implementing a credentials system, like user/password, security questions, or even facial recognition. “Authorization” determines what a user can (or can’t) do. If we need to handle...

Miércoles 19 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 04:05 am
Complex websites often rely on complex navigation. When a website houses thousands of pages, often combined with micro-websites and hundreds of subsections, eventually the navigation will go deep and broad. And with such a complex multi-level navigation, showing the breadth of options requires...

Martes 18 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 03:05 am
SVGator is evolving and it’s evolving a lot. Three years ago, we published a comprehensive introduction to the basic use of SVGator. At that time it was an app meant solely for animating SVG files created in other apps. Two years ago, we introduced you to a new version of SVGator and its improved...

Lunes 17 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 10:05 pm
In this episode, we’re talking about VisBug. What is it, and how is it different from the array of options already found in Chrome DevTools? Drew McLellan talks to its creator Adam Argyle to find out. Show Notes VisBug sandbox and playground Adam on Twitter Adam’s personal site VisBug on YouTube...


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