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Los artículos más recientes del mundo del desarrollo Web: Drupal.org, Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions, Web Designer Depot, Web Designer Ledger, etc.

Miércoles 30 Diciembre

Smashing Magazine - 02:12 am
The concept of Dependency Injection is, at its core, a fundamentally simple notion. It is, however, commonly presented in a manner alongside the more theoretical concepts of Inversion of Control, Dependency Inversion, the SOLID Principles, and so forth. To make it as easy as possible for you to get...

Lunes 28 Diciembre

Smashing Magazine - 05:12 am
Technology has done our world wonders: from advancements in medicine, travel, communication, and not to mention our own day-to-day lives. There’s no doubt that it has “transformed human experience” by impacting the way our society functions, as well as how we interact with one another and ourselves...

Jueves 24 Diciembre

Smashing Magazine - 01:12 am
Vuex is the solution for state management in Vue applications. The next version — Vuex 4 — is making its way through the final steps before officially releasing. This release will bring full compatibility with Vue 3, but doesn’t add new features. While Vuex has always been a powerful solution, and...

Miércoles 23 Diciembre

Smashing Magazine - 02:12 am
Progressive web applications (PWA) are still gathering popularity in 2020. It doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the benefits of higher conversion rates, customer engagement, decreased page loading speed, and lower costs on development and overhead. We can see respected companies also enjoying...

Martes 22 Diciembre

Smashing Magazine - 03:12 am
How familiar is this scenario: A team employs modern decision-making methods and performs all design-thinking rituals, but the result remains guesswork. Or this: Soon after having prioritized all features, the key stakeholders change their mind and you have to plan everything again. Both situations...

Lunes 21 Diciembre

Smashing Magazine - 03:12 am
The concept of getting notified when the event of your choice has occurred has become popular compared to being glued onto the continuous stream of data to find that particular occurrence yourself. People prefer to get relevant emails/messages when their preferred event has occurred as opposed to...

Viernes 18 Diciembre

Smashing Magazine - 09:12 am
This year has been quite a ride — all the more reason to look forward to a new year with new beginnings, right? Well, we’ll never really know what awaits us in the next months to come, but what I do know is that everyone on this planet can do only so much and really just the best they can to pull...


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