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Los artículos más recientes del mundo del desarrollo Web: Drupal.org, Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions, Web Designer Depot, Web Designer Ledger, etc.

Jueves 08 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 02:06 am
    When users come to your page, they’ll feel some kind of reaction. Whether it’s positive or negative, that reaction is determined in large part by what they see. Because vision is perhaps the strongest human sense, a hero image is one of the...

Miércoles 07 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 02:06 am
    Consumers typically have their own experiences when it comes to web hosting and their own opinions. If you search Google for reviews for any web hosting provider you'll find dozens of results. Usually, there are a lot more negative...

Martes 06 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 03:06 am
    With the lovely weather we've been having here in Belgium, all of my senses actively engage when I'm riding my bike. I find myself picking up colorful sceneries while the smell of fragrant flowers and the birds' singing somehow doesn't...

Lunes 05 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 04:06 am
    Advanced website builders — the tools provided by Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, The Grid and more — produce websites that look and feel like they were designed and coded by humans. They’re also software as a service, which is a different...

Viernes 02 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 03:06 am
    Our lives are in constant change, we never stop developing and evolving — our bodies, our minds, our views. And today’s technology supports us in doing that: We can access a lot more information as the generations before us, and with that,...

Jueves 01 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 02:06 am
    Someone who uses your app or website has a particular goal. Often, the one thing standing between the user and their goal is a form. Forms remain one of the most important types of interactions for users on the web and in apps. In fact,...

Miércoles 31 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 02:05 am
    Where do you seek inspiration? In the bright colors that nature is showing at this time of year? A conversation with a friend maybe? Or a journey you recently went on? Well, we also might have something for you: Our monthly desktop...

Martes 30 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 04:05 am
    This tutorial gives you hands-on access to my journey of creating a digital assistant capable of connecting with any system via a RESTful API to perform various tasks. Here, I’ll be demonstrating how to save a user’s basic information...

Lunes 29 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 05:05 am
    For the holidays, the owner of (and my boss at) thirteen23 gave each employee a Google Home device. If you don’t already know, Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant and is a competing product to Amazon’s line...


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