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Los artículos más recientes del mundo del desarrollo Web: Drupal.org, Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions, Web Designer Depot, Web Designer Ledger, etc.

Martes 04 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 07:05 am
Working with code is a risky endeavour: There are countless ways to shoot yourself in the foot! But if you use Git as your version control system, then you have an excellent safety net. A lot of “undo” tools will help you recover from almost any type of disaster. In this first article of our two-...

Lunes 03 Mayo

Smashing Magazine - 10:05 pm
In this episode, we’re starting our new season of the Smashing Podcast with a look at the future of CSS. What new specs will be landing in browsers soon? Drew McLellan talks to expert Miriam Suzanne to find out. Show Notes Miriam Suzanne on Twitter Miriam’s personal website Cascade Layers is a...
Smashing Magazine - 12:05 am
It’s been five years since I first presented the idea of the Jamstack architecture at SmashingConf in San Francisco 2016, a talk inspired by many conversations with colleagues and friends in the industry. At that point, the idea of fundamentally decoupling the front-end web layer from the back-end...

Domingo 02 Mayo

Six Revisions - 06:05 am
Brooke is on her way to a biochemistry class at her university. As she makes her way to her usual classroom, she finds it filled with maintenance workers trying to repair a ceiling leak. Then she spots a note on the door that says, “Class moved to room 314.” Following the note’s lead, she reroutes...

Viernes 30 Abril

Smashing Magazine - 02:04 am
We always try our best to challenge your creativity and get you out of your comfort zone. In all these years we’ve been running it, our monthly wallpapers challenge has turned out to be the perfect occasion to do just that: to put your creative skills to the test, try out a new technique you haven’...

Jueves 29 Abril

Smashing Magazine - 05:04 am
The humble <img> element has gained some superpowers over the years. Given how central it is to image optimization on the web, let’s catch up on what it can do and how it can help improve user experience and the Core Web Vitals. I’ll be covering image optimization in more depth in Smashing...

Miércoles 28 Abril

Smashing Magazine - 06:04 am
Images have been a key part of the web for decades. Our brains interpret images much faster than text, which is why high-quality visuals drive conversions and user engagement. Just think about landing pages and product photos, feature panels and hero areas. To be effective, all these images need to...

Martes 27 Abril

Smashing Magazine - 05:04 am
Have you ever noticed how smooth and delightful animations look on a well-made, professional project? I am reminded of the In Pieces website where animations are used not just for decoration, but they also convey the message about the endangered species in an impactful way. Not only is the...

Lunes 26 Abril

Smashing Magazine - 04:04 am
When building websites or apps, accessibility testing is critical to ensure that what you build will work for all your users. This includes users with disabilities and also people with temporary and situational limitations (like that coworker who broke their arm skiing or the customer who is...

Viernes 23 Abril

Smashing Magazine - 01:04 am
Pseudo-class selectors are the ones that begin with the colon character “:” and match based on a state of the current element. The state may be relative to the document tree, or in response to a change of state such as :hover or :checked. :any-link Although defined in Selectors Level 4, this pseudo...


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