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Miércoles 30 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 03:11 am
2022 is slowly but surely coming to an end. And, well, could there be a better way to welcome the last few weeks of the year than with some beautiful, wintery desktop wallpapers? To get you in the right mood for December (and the holiday season, if you’re celebrating), artists and designers from...

Jueves 24 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 08:11 am
If you’ve been working with JavaScript for a while, you may be fairly familiar with DOM (Document Object Model) and CSSOM (CSS Object Model) scripting. Beyond the interfaces defined by the DOM and CSSOM specifications, a subset of methods and properties are specified in the CSSOM View Module,...

Martes 22 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 08:11 am
Single Page Applications (SPAs) can provide a rich, interactive user experience when dealing with real-time, dynamic data. But they can also be heavy, bloated, and perform poorly. In this article, we’ll walk through some of the front-end optimization tips to keep our Vue apps relatively lean and...

Lunes 21 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 02:11 am
In the previous article, we talked about how to improve accessibility for keyboard users using HTML and CSS. Those languages can do the job most of the time, but certain design requirements and the nature of certain components create the need for more complex interactions, and this is where...

Jueves 17 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 11:11 pm
This article is a sponsored by Deque In this episode we’re talking about User Journey Mapping. What is it, and how does it help us build better digital products? Vitaly talks to expert Stéphanie Walter to find out. Show Notes Stéphanie Walter on LinkedIn and Twitter Stéphanie’s homepage Weekly...

Viernes 11 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 01:11 am
Many millions of people dream of flying the coop and spending time working abroad. The opportunity to work abroad is a popular prospect, one undimmed by the years of restriction due to the pandemic and made only more accessible thanks to hybrid working and the rise of the digital native. However,...

Martes 08 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 11:11 pm
Design systems ensure alignment, reusability, and consistency across a project or brand. And while we have gotten very good at breaking down UIs into reusable components, a lot of design systems aren’t as useful and practical as they could be, or they aren’t even used at all. So how can you make...

Lunes 07 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 06:11 am
October has come and gone, and with it, Next.js has released a new major version packed (pun intended) with tons of new features — some of which can be seamlessly adopted from your Next.js 12 app, while others not so much. If you’re just jumping on the bandwagon, it may be confusing to distinguish...

Viernes 04 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 02:11 am
It used to be the norm that businesses were opaque, with employees only having access to what they needed to get their work done. Over the past twenty years, though, there has been an increase in transparency in businesses: an article in HBR describes transparency as a leadership imperative, and...

Jueves 03 Noviembre

Smashing Magazine - 12:11 am
You might know it already, but perhaps not yet: we regularly run friendly online workshops around front-end and design. We have a couple of workshops coming up soon, and we thought that, you know, you might want to join in as well. All workshops sessions are broken down into 2.5h-segments across...


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